New qtapps module

qtapps are being created to provide modular, re-useable apps for data retrieval, plotting, calibration and more.


What… why?


The repository called skrf-apps contains a python package called skrf_qtwidgets.

The goal of this package is to provide a reusable set of qt widgets to easily construct gui applications that can measure, process, and analyze data. The two main widgets are a QListWidget called NetworkListWidget that provides a container for Network objects and a plot widget called NetworkPlotWidget for visualizing networks.



All of these feature are in the master git branch, so you will have to git it. There is a conda env called skrf_qtapps_py35.yml in the qtapps module, which can be used to run the qtapps. All currently constructed widgets are in the and modules.

Two example applications have been written:

  • is a simple data acquisition and viewer program.

  • is a gui application that implements the MultilineTRL class, though I will probably switch this to the recently included NIST algorithm.

These are meant to be useful, but also conceptual. I would greatly appreciate testing, feedback and ideas for future applications. Documentation is basically non-existent right now, so please take a look at the working examples and code. I will put together something more helpful as I am able.